The Mandalas of Light

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We are living in changing times, which were predicted by many ancient prophecies of various nations and civilizations. At this moment in the development of the planet and all humanity on Earth, an ancient spiritual knowledge began to open up in a modern and innovative way.

On our website, you will find out about the synthesis of modern scientific and ancient spiritual knowledge and practices, which can help every person consciously walk the path of spiritual development and achieve full self-realization of his/her potential.

Mandala as a transformational tool

Humans created a language to communicate with each other naively believing that they would be able to communicate with the universe in the same way. The universe communicates with us in a completely different, more perfect language, using colours, numbers, sound codes, which are called "Mandalas of light".

Since ancient times, knowledge about mandalas has reached people to help them in their spiritual growth. Information about the mandalas can be found in almost every culture - they are Indian yantras, Tibetan sand mandalas, Indian dream catchers, Slavic amulets...

Our ancestors knew and understood the power of these magical drawings and actively used on daily basis.

In the modern world, where stress, conflict and daily routine have become the norm, knowledge that brings love, joy and light is especially valued.

The famous psychologist of the 20th century, Carl Jung, said: "When I found out what mandala means, I reached the ultimate knowledge. Every morning I sketched a small drawing of a circle, a mandala, in my notebook, which reflected my inner situation at that moment, but only over time did I find out , that the mandala actually represents my overall integrity of personality, the essence of which will manifest itself if everything happens in harmony."

At the "Light Mandalas" workshop, we invite you to get in touch with something that can completely change your entire life. They are a living instrument to help your soul grow and see its new dimension.