About us

..."and how the mandalas of light changed our lives"

The Mandalas of Light

The Mandalas of light are holograms created according to the Fibonacci sequence and sacred geometry. They represent the language of light that connects the subtle and gross levels of our being.

The author of the grid mandala technique dealt with the wisdom of the Mayans, the mathematics of the ancient Egyptians and their pyramids, the meaning of amino acids and essences of medicinal plants. Everywhere and in everything she found the meaning of the connection of renewal, of wholeness, and we feel great gratitude for the fact that her life's work has enriched our present life

Light mandalas are tools that require a high degree of respect, consideration, knowledge and responsibility to use. They can fully develop their effect only if people are willing to face the causes of their disharmony and take responsibility for themselves. 

Holograms do not replace a doctor or therapist, but they can significantly support the healing process of returning to wholeness.

About me

Hello! I'm Katka - adventurer, traveler, nomad, hiker, polyglot, ski instructor, teacher, explorer, mandala artist, as well as the founder of this website. 

I was born in the Caucasus, I grew up in Slovakia and after finishing my studies, I lived and worked in various places in Europe.

My passion was learning, traveling, observing and overcoming my own dissatisfaction. My whole life has been colorful, both in pleasant and challenging situations.

Especially after overcoming the brain surgery, I was looking for efficient ways how to heal my body.

Mandalas of light helped my brain to recover and showed me a new dimension on the way to my inner knowledge, for which I am very grateful.  

"The journey of self-discovery is an amazing process if you have the right tools."

About Zuzana

Zuzana is a lovely, amazing and very talented lady. She comes originally from Prague, Czech Republic. 

The beautiful gift of human hands to create and gratitude for this gift led her through the paths of creation to the magic called Mandala. The passion for this work of art brought us together.

She cordially invites those who really want to join us on a journey of discoveries, bright colors and the magic of mandalas.

"The greatest magic is when you spark and shine your light."